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Operators Licence

When you are operating HGV goods vehicles within the UK, having an Operators licence which is granted by the Traffic Commissioners is critical to the legal running of your business. OLMC understand this and offer clear advice and services to businesses.

OLMC can apply for a licence or help with an amendment or renewal. We also ensure the right processes are embedded within your organisation to make sure you act compliantly with legislation. The application process can be time consuming and very complicated. We take care of the details and make sure the DVSA (formally VOSA) accept and process your application with the minimum of fuss. Meaning you can get on with business.

We provide services for all types of Operator licences including Restricted, Standard National, International and PSV.

We can also provide advice for a traffic commissioner's public inquiry. We have a proven track record at getting our clients through a public inquiry see our testimonials for more info.

Vehicle Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet management is complex: legal and legislation requirements can often be a drain on a companies resources, especially in todayís economic climate.

By using OLMCís inclusive fleet management services such as driver licence checking, operators licence compliance services, tachograph management, independent inspections and processes such as OLMC's nil defect reporting system, you can assign resources to more productive areas of your business. OLMC are also a member of many industry leading organisations, which allows us to impart up-to-date advice to all our customers.

Vehicle Fleet Management

Tachograph Analysis

OLMCís new Tachograph Analysis services provide complete analysis of both digital and analogue tachos. Our service is designed to remove the stress of being compliant with tachograph law and driverís hours rules.

It is worth noting that the DVSA - Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (formally VOSA - Vehicle and Operators Services Agency) is always striving to increase its enforcement activities and with tachograph and driverís hours infringements being one of the most common reasons for a prohibition and fine, itís easy to see why tacho analysis and management is now one of the more important factors of running HGVs.

OLMC's Tachograph Analysis and management services are designed around the needs of you, the customer. We pride ourselves in being as flexible as possible as no two customers are the same.

Our service also includes a helpline where we can answer any questions you may have about tachographs, if you would like to find out more, please visit our tachograph analysis page below.

Tachograph Analysis

Training Courses

OLMC are now offering a variety of training courses based on transport industry best practice and how to understand and work within government legislation.

Our courses cover topics such as pre-use inspection, economical and defensive driving, O' Licence Compliance, tachograph training and corporate manslaughter legislation. Anyone within the transport industry can benefit from the course material and each course can be tailored to suit your specific needs. We can provide the training at your location or at the OLMC offices and most of the courses are arranged on a date of your choice.

Training Courses

Latest News and Information

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Headlines for June 2013
Published:June 2013
The headlines and news for June 2013

Headlines for Jan 2013
Published:Jan 2013
3,000 licence revocations | Truck Impounded

Northern Ireland Operator Licence
Published:Mar 2012
Major Changes to Northern Ireland Operator Licensing

Headlines for 2012
Published:Jan 2012
Financial standing changes

Diesel Prices On The Rise!
Published:Mar 2012
Haulier concern over rising diesel prices

Headlines for Sept-2011
Published:Sept 11
Big Changes to Operator Licnesing

Important Changes To Operator Licensing
Published:Oct 11
Big Changes to Operator Licensing

Headlines for Aug-2011
Published:Aug 11
New rules for CPC holders & DCPC numbers too low

Headlines for Aug-2011
Published:Aug 11
New rules for CPC holders & DCPC numbers too low

Operators Licence Undertakings
Mon 13th Sept 10
Operator Licence Undertakings, Everyone has to do it, do you know what they are?

Info for New Operators: Part 5
Thurs 26th Aug 10
Part 5 - VOSA, what to do about them

Info for New Operators: Part 4
Wed 25th Aug 10
Part 4 - OCRS, what you need to know

Info for New Operators: Part 3
Tue 24th Aug 10
Part 2 of the series: Audits and VOSA

Info for New Operators: Part 2
Mon 23rd Aug 10
Part 2 of the series: Information about VOSA.

Info for New Operators: Part 1
Friday 20th Aug 10
Looking to Operate Goods Vehicles? Part 1 of our extensive guide about O-Licensing and business.

Small Businesses Gain Most Benefit From Compliance Training
Tuesday 17th Aug 10
The benefits of compliance training for small businesses.

VOSA Fines Hit Home for Scunthorpe Haulage Company
Tuesday 27th July 10
The reality of VOSA fines hit home for a haulage company.

Troubling Trend for HGV Operators
Monday 1st March 10
OLMC notices a troubling trend for HGV Operators.
Government Set To Clamp Down on Clampers
Tuesday 9th February 09
Government propose new legislation to prevent rogue wheel-clamping companies.


Operators Licence & Operators Licences

If you operate a fleet of goods vehicles in the UK, it is vital that you have an operators licence for your business to be legal. We at OLMC can assist and provide you with all the necessary information you require to apply. We can cater to all your needs, from Restricted to PSV and Standard National to International. We look after all the details involved in successfullly applying for an O' Licence so that you do not waste valuable time.

Traffic Commissioners & DVSA

When holding an operators licence it is advantageous to know about the governmental structure that administers and enforces the legislation.

Who are the DVSA? Formally knows as VOSA, the DVSA are an executive agency of the DfT, their function is to administer operator licensing legislation (amongst other functions relating to transport). They work closely with the Traffic Commissioners by providing evidence gathered to support the enforcement and judicial functions of the traffic commissioners. The DVSA can also issue graduated fixed penalties at the roadside and direct traffic. Authority to direct traffic and issue penalties is granted to the DVSA (formally VOSA) under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme and is done so on a regional basis.

Who are the Traffic Commissioners? The Traffic commissioners are industry regulators that have been granted certain judicial functions in regard to operator licensing. The Traffic Commissioners (as part of the Judiciary) are granted independence from executive departments including the DfT and therefore VOSA. The UK is split into traffic areas, each traffic area is regulated by a specific Traffic Commissioner. There is also a Senior Traffic Commissioner who has the additional function of encouraging that licensing decisions be consistent throughout the traffic areas. The Senior Traffic Commissioner also has the ability to issue guidance and direction to the Traffic Commissioners.


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